For an exclusively digital retail bank based in SA, sending out daily direct marketing campaigns on digital channels was becoming a time-consuming and expensive task. Not only did it take them hours each month to manually process customer data and set up simple SMS and Email campaigns, but due to the lack of automation and effective data management, certain communication had to be put on hold until an effective, more suitable option was found.

As a progressive, customer-centric digitally-focused bank, they knew they needed a better digital communications solution. We provided them with a digital communications solution to help streamline their direct marketing processes and communication workflows. By integrating with Grapevine’s CPaaS, they are now able to automate their digital communication journeys across channels through a single, secure platform – saving them time and money. By automating the process, they’ve reduced unnecessary risk and error creep, while configuring and executing their direct marketing campaigns.

This bank can now easily send personalised messaging based on customer behaviour, and make direct marketing decisions on the fly with improved reporting data available in real-time, driving enhanced engagement and customer experience.