A leading South African retail pharmacy paid high monthly fees for the delivery of their Loyalty Member Statements on email and SMS. Internal resources were spending time on manual processes around loyalty member data, template updates, and statement resends. Managing relationships with different partners and suppliers, along with overlapping products and services at different costs, was proving a costly and time-consuming burden.

As an existing business partner, we were approached with a clear business objective: to deliver their Loyalty Member Statements across email and SMS at a significantly reduced cost, saving internal resource time and losing none of their current functionality.

Creating a seamless, automated process, We delivered on the requirement through our robust digital communications platform (CPaaS) and multi-channel Statement Delivery Solution. With Grapevine’s integrated Message, Preference, and Channel management functionality, this retail pharmacy was able to strategically align their database and set up the business rules on who should receive their loyalty statements via email, and who should receive them via SMS.

Through our smart, data-driven Template Manager and Advanced Data Structure Management, hyper-personalised statements can now be deployed, including specific, targeted offers to particular segments and audiences. This ultimately means a bigger ROI on their message spend, a more personalised form of communication, and increased brand loyalty.

With significant monthly savings on their Loyalty Member Statement delivery cost, they are now able to send double the amount of statement communications, and are currently reaching 100% more of their customer base every month.