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Save time, save money, reduce complexity

Our CPaaS platform allows you to integrate multiple data sources and build communication workflows. From planned campaigns to real-time notifications, alerts and automations, across email, SMS, USSD and WhatsApp, our platform integrates and simplifies.

Execute at scale using our pre-built capabilities

Our CPaaS platform allows you to organise core functions into practical groupings, providing users and applications with clear entry-points to get their work done.

Messaging API

Our Messaging API allows you to link up your applications or services for mass or individual transmission of simple or enriched messages across channels.

Template Manager

Our Template Manager allows you to store, organise and access various kinds of messaging templates for active content delivery at scale.

Media Manager

Our Media Manager allows you to store, organise and access your media assets for communication workflows or dynamic content messaging.

Contacts Manager

Our Contacts Manager allows you to upload and manage contacts to include in Sends and Workflows for integrated profile and permission management.

Workflow Manager

Our Workflow Manager allows you to create multi-step communication sequences, with Named Workflows saved on the CPaaS for automated or triggered execution.

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Continually refine the operational, marketing and sales effectiveness of every communication
using our platform’s integrative and interactive features.

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