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Our CPaaS solution capabilities are complete, not complex. We combine our messaging infrastructure, APIs, data engine, campaigns, workflows, content and templates with years of messaging expertise to craft a communication solution custom-built to your needs.

Whether it’s one or multiple channels, triggered, bulk or automated, we’ll take care of the hard stuff, freeing up your developer resources and helping you get your communication solution to market faster.

Integrated Multichannel Execution

CPaaS Pro

Combine our platform building blocks into robust digital sequences enabling use cases like KYC, Loyalty Card onboarding, Collections, Permissions Management, Acquisition campaigns and Funnel Management across SMS, eMail, USSD, Push, and WhatsApp.

Statement Pro

Leverage our platform capabilities to generate mass personalized digital statements in real time, for delivery and interaction on any channel, scheduled or on-demand.

Active SMS

Combine SMS with dynamic content, media, templates, active linking and shortened URLs to deliver trackable digital experiences, to enable mobile use-cases such as dynamic landing page, click-to-buy, click-to-pay, click-to-action, and for initiating new journeys on other channels.

Campaign Pro

Leverage our campaign functionality across SMS, eMail, Push and Web/Social to deliver ad-hoc, scheduled and automated campaigns with dynamic content and behavioural tracking of delivery and post-click experiences.

Permissions Management

Enable permissions synchronization across your applications by using our platform capability to update your internal systems, based on your client preferences received on any channel or service.


Let us build and operate your desired solution based on the channels, rules, interfaces and logic that you want to combine into consumer-facing digital services. We take the brief, and deliver cost-effective, robust client-facing workflows that interface to your systems the way you want.

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Grapevine provides the enabling technology to help enterprises and brands bring their communication and engagement efforts to life.

Drive action and traction

Asset 6
Shortened URL links

Automatically shorten and track links in SMS messages, trace clicks in real-time, and take follow-on actions through automated trigger rules based on unique clicks.

Asset 9
Personalised landing pages

Use our landing pages for sign-up, consent and profile management, build multi-page microsites for promotions and events, and create hyper-personalised post-click experiences.

Layer 2
Reversed billed mobile data support

Use reverse-billed data on microsites, and allow mobile users access to your content, even when they’re out of airtime or have no data available.

Amplify your marketing efforts

Asset 3
Conditional Message Personalisation Rules

Create complex conditional rules to tailor the body, subject line, address settings and links of a message, so that they are customised to each recipient.

Asset 2
Recurring Automated Messages

Schedule and send emails or SMS messages to predefined audience segments on a recurring schedule, and group recurring messages into campaigns.

Layer 2
Message Scheduling & Delivery Time Windows

Schedule messages to send at a specific date and time, and control the delivery time window to send only between specific hours and days of the week.

Capa 1
Optimised Email Send Times

Track your customer’s behaviour and deliver emails when they are most likely to open them, using data insights to determine optimal open send time.

Grapevine provides the enabling technology to help enterprises and brands bring their communication and engagement efforts to life.

Solve digital communication challenges across your business


Solve marketing communication challenges across the omnichannel by designing and implementing automated solutions which are targeted, personalised and geared to grow ROI.


Integrate our technical and strategic expertise into your IT team to deliver on technical requirements, while implementing highly secure and flexible communication solutions.

Customer Service

Improve customer service and satisfaction through customised communication workflow solutions, which enhance the overall customer experience.

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